Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm laying of the Newton's

I was an Asics guy. Aside from my first pair of Nike running shoes given to me as a gift I've gravitated toward Asics to help propel me...mile after mile. There were some dogs in the mix (Jeers to the Kayano 15) but most of the shoes I've worn in the past 6 years have kept me injury free. Until late last year.

I walked into my local running store and started contemplating a change. Why? I was a massive heel/toe runner and was working on striking forefront. It was working with my Asics DS Trainers but I wanted something else. The Newtons called.


The Newtons are a designed to help 'force' a mid-to-forefront strike. I tried them on the treadmill, took a run down the sidewalk and decided to give them a try.

The first week was wonderful. So positive! My body positioning and strike were right in stride and my times showed. After two weeks I started hearing a squeak. One of those annoying squeaks that surely wasn't coming from me. It was coming from the shoe.

I took them back to the shoe store and they graciously exchanged them for another pair. Another two weeks passed and another squeak. A lug had failed again. This time the shoe was repaired - with super glue. No joke.

I ran Grandma's Marathon with the Newtons and the lug failed in in the middle of the run. The squeak was annoying. This time the store wasn't as gracious (don't blame them) and suggested that the shoes had hundreds of miles left in them. I bit.

By September I was rotating the Newtons with my traditional Asics. Each time I popped the Newtons on a slight ache appeared in my left heal. Training woes I surmised since I was just finishing the training for Omaha Marathon.

I ran with the Newtons in Omaha and officially felt something went wrong. I rarely cramp and I cramped BIG TIME at mile 13. It was my left calf. My heal ache would normally clear up after a mile or two. That day it progressively got worse. That was late September.

Today wake up and hobble...every morning for about 20 minutes. I've attempted ultrasound treatments, reflexology and massage therapy. These treatments are not working. The heal/foot is not responding. Kineso tape provides only temporary relief. Compression socks help during the run but not for the morning after.

I'm in week four of Ironman training. The swim and bike training are going well thank you. My running? That should be the easiest portion of my training. Instead it's the most painful. I finish the runs but I'm afraid to stride like I normally stride.

I've been pain free for 8 marathons in 4 years. Now I'm struggling as I attempt to prepare for Ironman. Frustrating. The only deviation from my training and equipment has been one thing - Newtons.

I'm hoping this clears up and clears up soon. Oh, the Newtons? Well, since they're designed the way they're designed they aren't even a good pair of mowing shoes. They're just sitting in the basement. I walk by them and curse every time I hop on the trainer.

Has one deviation from your normal training routine caused havoc?