Friday, May 15, 2009

Training and Stewing

I hate to jump on the bash Asics bandwagon but I have no choice. I have tried unsuccessfully over the past 2 weeks to contact a "live" person in their customer relations department. I've dialed 800-333-8404 and dialed Carol at ext. 7215. Her voice mail PROMISES that she'll get to me within 48 hours. Maybe she means 48 weeks or months. I've been a loyal Asics runner for years. I'm starting to question the loyalty.

On the training front my calf isn't as sore as it was a few weeks ago but it's definitely still there. I've been averaging 4000-5000 yards a week in the pool, mid-to-high 20 running miles and about 60 miles a week on the bike. I'm looking forward to the Beloit Duathlon this weekend. It looks like the rain should move away and the only thing I'll have to deal with is the wind...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Overtrained and Bum Shoes

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. Instead of using the gas and spending $35 on the Monona 20K I decided on an easy 2 hours on the trail in Janesville. This is the first time in 3 years I haven't run the 20K. The only thing I'll miss is the tech t-shirt. They have the most comfortable race shirts -- period.

I've been training but it's been all over the board. I am averaging 25-35 miles a week on the feet, 60-100 on the pedals and 3500-5000 yds in the pool. For what? Right now I'm signed up for the Beloit Duathlon, Madison 1/2 (first time I haven't run the full in 3 years), Lake Mills Sprint Tri, Spirit of Racine and Lakefront Marathon.

I think I'm over doing it. My left calf has been extremely sore and I've finally chalked it up to my new Kayano 15's. "It's gotta be the shoes". For those that don't know, these new shoes have haunted me since December. I had them shipped to me from Finish Line (Kayano 14's) and they were used. Of course I didn't open the box until March when I needed them and they were outside the return policy. The store in the mall ended up exchanging for the 15's but they have a new lace system and I swear it's causing my arch and calf fits.

Time to re-focus. Thanks to Mike Wolfgram and Rich Shew I have come up with a plan to get me through the summer without over doing it. Once I see Carol for my massage on Wednesday I'm confident my calf will be ready to come along with me. Now...about the shoes...