Friday, June 15, 2012

So excited!!!!

It's Friday morning before a normally 'ho-hum' weekend.  This weekend is different.  I'm so excited!  The weekend starts bright and early tomorrow morning with the YWCA Pancake 5K.  I'm excited about a 5K?  Yes I am.  Excited and nervous.  The event is the first for Danielle and I have the honor of pacing her during the 5K.  It's the same course that I ran my first 5K back in 2006.  Best of all, the proceeds go the our local YWCA -- and there's pancakes afterwards!

The second big event is Father's Day.  It's really special this year because Ian and Lauren just got back from a trip to Texas to see their Aunt and it's been 3 weeks since we've last seen each other.  Oh, Sunday is so needed.  We don't have any specific plans but a trip to the lake or a nice bike ride may be in order depending on the weather.  They both love riding and with Lauren's new bike she can finally keep up with her brother :)

Finally, I mentioned to a number of my friends that I'm giving up Gen-X in Janesville.  It's time.  I started writing a blog this morning, was a few sentences in, and just deleted it.  I'm going to enjoy writing as Icarus Steve again.  Marty KC gave me that nickname as I threw myself into running.  I'd always get just a little too close to the sun.  He didn't want my wings to burn :)  Thanks for the many, many tips Marty!

Enjoy your weekend!  I know I will!

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