Sunday, October 21, 2012

Overtrained, undernourished and Anna the Dietician

Let's see, I really didn't train for anything this year but I'm overtrained. How can this be? Well, Before I move forward I must look back. Thanks to the iphone being unable to stop uploading runs to RunKeeper I took a look at my noon 'events' this summer. The first thing I noticed was the temperature. My runs were HOT! Second, every run was between 4 and 6.2 miles with an average pace of roughly 7:30-8:15 min/mile. With the exception of a few tempo runs during late spring the majority of these runs were just 'runs'. The most striking number was my heart rate average. Since the majority of my runs were in the heat of the day there was barely a HR number that didn't average over 150 bpm. That was really bad. I had no base training. It was all or nothing on what should have been leisure workouts. In other words, I was overtraining to do nothing...all summer. Brent at Mercy Acceleration warned me about my lack of base training but I just needed to run and I ran with a much faster guy than me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my runs but my body didn't. There were many days when both Mike and I mentioned that the noon runs weren't all that great for training, yet neither of us wanted to give up the routine. It wasn't until 4 weeks ago when I finally told him to run and leave me behind. There were days when I'd run and leave him behind. We are starting to do that a few days a week and it's paying benefits. I've played with speed work and different tempo runs and I've slowed the pace way down a few days a week to make sure I just get base days in. Granted, I don't get the low down on his wedding plans or latest cyclocross adventure but my legs and heart are thanking me. One other major 'duh' moment came during the monthly conference call with my dietician (paid for by my employer). Anna is a Cat 1 coach and dietician - bonus! The first 10 minutes of the conversation is the standard protocol - weight, how do you feel, generally what are you eating, etc. Then she digs in. "What are you doing and why are you doing it?" "Give me specifics on what you eat each day and before and after each workout." "How many calories and why?" That's the last 20 minutes. Since we only meet once a month Anna suggested I use to track my food intake...don't analyze it...just record it. I did that for 3 weeks and I logged in so we could review it together. The numbers were humbling. On a given day my intake wsa between 1200 and 1600 calories. Needless to say that was WAY TOO FEW if I wanted to continue doing anything (like stand upright). The data said I needed 3000+ if I was going to continue to do my biking, running and crossfit. She also questioned my pre and post workout snacks/meals at lunch. As much as she dislikes supplement shakes she finally recommended looking at a whey isolate protein shake. Something that would absorb much faster than the little bit of food I was eating before and after lunch. I'm still searching for the right protein shake and she's pushing me to get it done soon. I'm not sold on one particular brand but there are a few out there that are 'yuck'. Unfortunately, I started my additional intake a week before my nutritional day went haywire with diverticulitus. Losing 11 pounds in a matter of a week was a major setback. On the final day of weight loss I was at my 9th grade weight, weak, but I was still running. Stubborn? Stupid? A bit of both? I'm finally gaining the weight and have shifted my eating habits away from wheat after reading Wheat Belly. While it's only an experiment I have found myself to be less bloated, more alert and much calmer through the day (not that I was over the top anxious before...just calmer). I'm almost ready to share the drive...

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